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Tipico Ma Non Troppo

the album


Tipico Ma Non Troppo

“Tipico” because it arise from the traditional music of Venezuela and “non troppo” because the approach, arrangements and executions take it out of the context called “traditional”. Even if “typical” or “traditional” has a non-specific meaning, “tipico ma non troppo” embraces the everyday language of new venezuelan musicians. Thereupon, it proposes a fresh outlook with some jazz-like elements mixed with classical and other styles that, thanks to the versatility of the musicians participating, provides an unique color and an unique nature.

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images by Fabiola Velasco
and Ciro Belandria

venezuelan traditional music

the group


Joropo jam

This small representation composed of a large contingent of young musicians who currently take part of the urban music circuit is born in the capital of Venezuela in 2010. The guest musicians, only asking where the “thing” was, attended to the meeting and, thanks to that, now you and I can enjoy the wonderful music of this collective experience. The only rule of Joropo Jam is to play joropo without (at least in this chapter) any claim to set patterns, impose tendencies, tastes or talk about innovation or modernization. In this respect, they were asked to play joropo just like every one of them wished to do it, no matter the time, style or instrumentation, which is why no one should be surprised at the diversity of colors, timbres or formats as well as the notable differences between tracks that may be found by listening to their performances…

images by Félix Rios | @lybero


Leo Rondón, cuatro | Manuel Alejadro Rangel, maracas | Edwin Arellano, electric bass | Fernando Alvarez, oboe - bandola. Recorded in 2018 | production: Manuel Rangel | arrangements: Leo Rondón | mixing & editing: Vladimir Quintero

about fernando


Fernando Alvarez

Started his studies with Hernan Jerez in 1986 at the Cultural Center of Carora, Venezuela and carried on with the Master Jaime Martínez in Caracas, Venezuela. From 1996 until 2013 he was a member of the National System of Venezuelan Young Orchestras. In addition, he was the english horn solo of the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra based on his country of origin, conducted by Alfredo Rugeles and Gustavo Dudamel. For several years he was part of the group «Carora en Concierto» where he played bandola, a self-taught instrument. He joined the «Avila Quartet» in 2014, where he plays oboe and bandola, as well as the group «Joropo Jam» in 2017

images by Félix Rios | @lybero
and Thierry

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